Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Goals for 2012!

Its that time of year when I go and make resolutions I am not going to keep.  This time I am going to make short term goals like a checklist and see if I can accomplish some important items that way.  So here it is folks, Talea's 12 Goals for 2012:

1.  Get Jessalynn to give up her bink.
2.  Get Jessalynn to give up her sippy cup at night.
3.  Get Jessalynn to sleep in her bed all night.  Key word is her bed.
4.  Potty train Jess.
5.  Clean/Sort the whole house and get things ready for a garage sale in June.
6.  Have a garage Sale in June.  Fingers crossed.
7.  Pass both PRAXIS Teacher Exams for my Minnesota License.
8.  Become physically and mentally healthy. ie. lose weight, eat better, and don't stress out as much
9.  Recycle Paper, Cans and boxes
10.  Blog at least 5 days a week.
11.  Go to church more.
12.  Save money so we can go on more vacations.

Bring on the new year!!!

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